1.Which one of the following nitrates will leave behind Ametal on strong heating?

2.A mixture of amylose and amylopectin is called

3.Which of the following is a germicide also?

4. Chloropicrin is obtained by the reaction of

5. The maximum proportion of available volume that can be filled by hard spheres in diamond is

6.Which amino acid have more than one stereogenic centre?

7. Cryolite is

8.Which of the following elements is present in Teflon?

9. The catalyst used in the polymerization of high density polythene is

10. The coordination number of Al in the crystalline state of AlCl_3is

11. Vapour phase refining of nickel is carried out by using

12.20 g of hydrogen is present in a 5 L vessel. The molar concentration of hydrogen is

13. 3.65 g of HCl is dissolved in 16.2 g of water. The mole fraction of HCl in the resulting solution is

14. At 25 degree C a 5% aqueous solution of glucose (molecular weight = 180 g/mol) is isotonic with 2% aqueous solution containing an unknown solute. What is the molecular weight of the unknown solute.

15. Which of the following statements is not correct?

16.The correct value of 0 degree C on Kelvin scale will be

17. Noble gases are group of elements which exhibit very

18. 0.4 g of a silver salt of a monobasic orgainc acid gave 0.26 g pure silver on ignition. the molecular weight of the acid is (atomic weight of silver=108)

19. Which amino acid has pyhenyl —OH group?

20.In which of the following substances the carbon atom is arranged in a regular tetrahedral structure?

21.The concentration of salts in soil is increased by

22. Which of the following compounds will not undergo decomposition on passing electricitythrough aqueous solution?

23. 2-methyl-2-butanol on treatment with HCl gives predominantly

24.Which is most basic in character?

25. Moissan boron is

26. Nylon is manufactured from

27.40% by weight solution will contain how much mass of the solute in 1L solution, density of the solution is 1.2 g/mL?

28.The mass of carbon anode consumed (giving only carbon dioxide) in the production of 270 kg of aluminium metal from bauxite by the hall process is (Atomic mass of Al=27)

29.For the purification, isolation and separation of organic compounds, the latest technique followed is

30.Formation of coloured ions by transition metals signifies