1.The dimension of mass is zero in the following physical quantities

2.A battery is charged at a potential of 15 V for 8 hours when the current flowing is 10 A. The battery on discharge supplies a current of 5 A for 15 hours. The mean terminal voltage during discharge is 14 V. The "Watt-hour" efficiency of the battery is

3. In a communication system, noise is most likely to affect the signal?

4. When the current changes from +2 A to -2 A in 0.05 s, an emf of 8 V is induced in a coil. The coefficient of self-induction of the coil is

5. When a hydrogen atom is bombared, the atom is excited to then n=4 state. The energy released, when the atom goes from n=4 state to the ground state is

6.A proton a mass m and charge +e is moving in a circular orbit in a magnetic field with energy 1 MeV. What should be the energy of alpha-particle (mass =4m and charge =+2e), so that it can revolve in the path of same radius

7. If an electron and a photon propagate in the form of waves having the same wavelength, it implies that they have the same

8. The ionization potential of H-atom is 13.6V. When it is excited from ground state by monochromatic radiations of 970.6 A, the number of emission lines will be (according to Bohrs theory)

9. For electroplating a spoon, it is placed in the voltmeter at

10. Temperature can be expressed as a derived quantity in terms of any of the following

11. Water rises in a capillary tube to a height h. Choose the false statement regarding rise from the following

12.A beaker of radius 15 cm is filled with a liquid of surface tension 0.75 N/m. Force across an imaginary diameter on the surface of the liquid is

13. The volume of an ideal gas is 1 litre and its pressure is equal to 72cm3 of mercury column. The volume of gas is made 900 cm by compressing it isothermally. The stress of the gas will be

14. At what temperature volume of an ideal gas at 0C becomes triple

15. The angle of dip at a certain place where the horizontal and vertical components of the earths magnetic field are equal is

16. In which case does the potential energy decrease

17. The production of e.m.f. by maintaining a difference of temperature between the two junctions of two different metals is known as

18. A particle is moving in a circle with uniform speed. Its motion is

19. Induced potential in a coil is developed by change of magnetic flux from 1 wb to 0.1 wb in 0.1 second is

20.When cathode-rays strike a metal target of high melting point with a very high velocity, then which of the following are produced

21. A body of mass 500 g is thrown upward with a velocity 20m/s and reaches back to the surface of a planet after 20 s. Then the weight of the body on that planet is

22. If a radioactive substance reduces to of 1/16 of its original mass in 40 days, what is its half life

23. The output of an OR gate is connected to both the inputs of a NAND gate. The combination will serve as a

24. A thin uniform circular ring is rolling down an inclined plane of inclination 30 without slipping. Its linear acceleration along the inclined plane will be

25. A slit 5 cm wide is irradiated normally with microwaves of wavelength 1.0 cm. Then the angular spread of the central maximum on either side if incident light is nearly

26. A wire carrying current I and other carrying 2I in the same direction produces a magnetic field B at the mid point. What will be the field when 2I wire is switched off

27.The incorrect statement regarding the lines of force of the magnetic field B is

28.Domain formation is the necessary feature of

29.In an ideal choke, ratio of its inductance L to its DC resistance R is

30. Four particles have same momentum. Which has maximum kinetic energy?