Founder's Message

I never knew I would grow up to be a teacher to the core until I realized of my capability as a teacher in 2008. I was happy to know that my students and their parents accepted my teaching methodology. This gave me an idea to incept Photon Classes in 2015 when a different attitude towards education seemed practical and most importantly seemed an urgent need of the hour. Since the official launch in 2016, our team have been working round the clock, both physically and mentally, towards providing an apt education service to the society, an environment where learning prospers through understanding and realization and not through marks and formulas.

Here, at Photon Classes, we continuously ensure that students enjoy a happy, safe and secure environment designed to fulfil their potential. Consequently, we pitch ourselves on our reputation as a respectful, caring and dynamic coaching institute that places students welfare and progress at the heart of all that it does.

All our students are individuals from whom we have the expectations of hard work and sincerity. This aspiration underpins our culture of hard work and personal support making success both expected and natural. The vibrant and energetic student community is encouraged to develop confidence and deep love of learning as we tirelessly guide them and motivate them towards a better future in today’s competitive world.

It’s indeed a matter of great pride for us that after providing an adequate source of expert guidance and counsel for aspirants in the field of Engineering, we now also have facilitated the same for Medical aspirants as well so as to cater to the needs of a larger student community as a whole. The future of our country largely depends upon the younger generation and at Photon Classes, we tirelessly put our efforts to make the dream of each child come true.

Here at Photon Classes, we truly understand that the final outcome is always in the hands of student,but we also believe that it is the teacher who can truly direct the student to achieve the desired goal. I take personal interest in what’s going on in my classes, to confirm that we as an organization achieve the desired outcome.

In the end, what we want from most of you is that you should grow. We not only teach you to ask good questions but also to identify interesting problems to solve. We help you learn how to analyze and imagine solutions to subject problems. And when you are finished with that, we help you to objectively evaluate your results, and mirror it for you to see yourself, how far you need to go and how much more hard-work you need to do.

Our institute’s success lies in motivating our students and infusing in them the attitude to not settle down with anything an inch less than what they dreamt off as a child and thus derive more than their 100 percent out of them in academic performance.

I, on behalf of entire Photon team welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality & Innovation that can change you to be the world class professional.

Director's Message

Belonging to a near generation, I am of the view that every student has his/her own understanding and I believe in moulding myself accordingly. Through experience, We have developed an effective teaching style which involves thorough planning and organization of learning materials, challenging assignments, innovative teaching methods and techniques of class room management. I firmly believe in my knowledge that can help students accomplish success. So, reconstruct your Subject with Photon Classes.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, it has always been my conscious effort to provide wholesome knowledge of chemistry. It is a scoring subject and a systematic approach to solving problems always helps a lot.

If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain. Thus we at Photon Classes try to reach each and every student to provide the best possible education for their better future and also so that they can change their dreams into reality.

In the new scenario of JEE / NEET , students must aim at attaining a balance between their board preparation and JEE / NEET preparation. For most students, chemistry is a tough subject, but this only happens when they do not follow a systematic approach. Study systematically with Photon Classes, and I assure you of success in exams. On a humorous note, my students have fondly coined my simplified teaching techniques in a passionate way.

I believe that if you want to excel in your career, it is required to persistently seek and adopt innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a consistent basis. What is education? Is it book-learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that. The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education. To provide a better education system we always try relentlessly to seek excellence